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Cat 9 - how far has it been rolled out?

When I was talking to an EE customer service he said that EE was rolling out Cat 9 across the country. 


Can you please tell me how far this has reached - and what the coverage will be? Is there a map which will show us and can all plans benefit from it?

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Re: Cat 9 - how far has it been rolled out?

What does Cat 9 mean specifically to you? 

4G of theoretical speeds^ up to ~412mbps is available in a significant number of cities and large towns.

The Pink '4G+' layer on EE's coverage map shows coverage where the theoretically attainable speed^ is 300mbps or above*.


^In optimal signal conditions and without concurrent utilisation.

*Broadly the '4G+' map layer is demonstrating Band 7 coverage, where Band 3 exists below. With 64QAM and 2x2 MIMO, 40MHz paired spectrum leads to a ~300mbps theoretical download speed. Further Band 7 spectrum, higher order MIMO and increased modulation level can increase this to near gigabit speeds.

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