by MatthiasSchilf Contributor

Can I access 4g+ and 800Mhz (band 20) 4G, or not?

I am new to EE (joined 4 days ago!) and wonder if someone can solve a mystery for me please.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I bought from Carphone Warehouse last year and have taken out a SIMO 4GEE contract, 20MB data with unlimited calls and texts.


I was told during a webchat with someone from the tech team that I would definitely be able to use VoLTE/access 800MHz (band 20) for data (obviously where available) with my phone, even though the EE website says it is only avalibale when the phone has been bought from EE. So now I'm a bit confused!


So, put simply, my questions are:


1) Can I access VoLTE/band 20 data on my phone or not?

2) Can I get 4G+? I have seen the 4G+ icon on my phone a couple of times and LTE Discovery has said I am using band 7, but the speed hasn't been stunning (approx. 30  up and 5 down).

3) Can anyone tell me the priority that EE give to the available bands in any given location? Is it, 7, 3, 20, 3G, 2G or something else?


Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance to anyone who can solve this mystery! Smiley Happy

EE Community Support Team

Re: Can I access 4g+ and 800Mhz (band 20) 4G, or not?

Hi @MatthiasSchilf,


Welcome to EE! Smiley Happy


  1. 4G calling is only available on the EE version of the Galaxy S7 at the moment.
  2. If you have seen the 4G+ symbol, you have access. Smiley Happy
  3. Please take a look at this fantastic thread for more information.

Hope this answers your questions.



by MatthiasSchilf Contributor

Re: Can I access 4g+ and 800Mhz (band 20) 4G, or not?

Thanks James, but your comments about VoLTE directly contradict what I was told on your technical web chat on Saturday (see here: So, who is right please?

EE Employee

Re: Can I access 4g+ and 800Mhz (band 20) 4G, or not?

Good morning @MatthiasSchilf


Sorry to hear you were given incorrect information.


I've fed this back so it can be picked up.


The S7 can only use 4G Calling if purchased directly, all the information on compatible devices is on our 4G Calling post.


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

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