by CaptainWingham

Being asked to sign in to an ee network

Recently upgraded to an new ee SIM only deal but the mobile data isn't working and is asking me to sign in to an ee network but when I click the link it sends me to a page where I need to buy more data, I can't of used all of my 30gb of data in 1 day?! Tried changing the APN settings but it made no difference

EE Community Support Team

Re: Being asked to sign in to an ee network

Good morning @CaptainWingham


Thanks for coming to the community for support 🙂


Have you previously activated the SIM card?


If you have a 30gb allowance, then I do find this highly unlikely that you have used this all in one day.


I would advise a quick call into customer services so they can look at this for you.


Please do come back and let me know how you get on.


Thank you 







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