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Apple Watch 031 code - help!

Right......I got my Watch delivered Thursday and with 031 needed to call 150.


First lady I spoke to said I may have to take the sim out!!!! What?


About an hour later I was speaking to the tech team who said I should have a call by the end of the day........no call.


I called EE Friday and explained to the guy once again. Sorry you haven’t had a call he said, you should have done as about 2pm the previous day EE had an email from Apple saying that code 031 was their issue and that it must be right cos people haven’t been calling back. He promptly texts me Apples number. I call Apple.......they don’t know what I’m talking about, confirm there’s no issue with hardware and put me back through to EE.


I speak with a nice girl who doesn’t know why he told me to ring Apple and that she can see my issue and will text me before she leaves at 5.30 even if it’s to say no progress.......no text.


She also said she’s in work 12.30 Monday and put in her diary to call me between 12.30 and 3. Lets see what happens tomorrow. I have little faith.....

EE Community Support Team

Re: Apple Watch 031 code - help!

Hello there @GB2


Thanks for coming to the community.


I have sent you a private message on here to get some details.


Hope to hear back from you soon.

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