by wagwaanbreadbin

APN settings issue

I upgraded from Orange PAYM SIMO to EE PAYM SIMO last month, since then I have had an unusual problem with internet access on my phone:


Using the settings as listed on this post and using IPv4 as the protocol type, tethering and web browsing on the phone works fine but Google Play Store downloads and outgoing (SMTP) e-mail do not. 


Changing the protocol type to IPv6 or IPv4/IPv6 results in Play Store downloads and SMTP working fine but tethering does not work at all and gives DNS errors (I have tried tethering to different devices). 



Phone is an LG D160 (Android 4.4.2) on which everything worked just fine on Orange. I have been given a replacement SIM by an EE store who were clueless, which made no difference. I don't have another smartphone to try.


I an really desperate for a solution because it's so frustrating having to change settings all the time just to accomplish small tasks and is making me wish that I never upgraded in the first place.

EE Community Support Team

Re: APN settings issue

Hi @wagwaanbreadbin,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I've sent you a private message with a link to chat with customer service online.


Our technical team will be happy to help you set your phone up to use on EE.


Hope this helps. Smiley Happy



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