by Jessica97

50MB data safety - student offer


I tried to follow the following instructions about the student offer, here:

And choose the third option which basically states the following:

"Already with us? Claim your 500MB data safety net

Already with us but not ready to upgrade yet? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. You can still get:


500MB data safety net, every month


When you're ready to upgrade, pop back to get 20% off your new plan, every month.


To claim, simply text 'STUDENT' to 150 and follow the instructions."

Well, texting "STUDENT" to 150 does NOT work as it does not recognise the code. Does this offer even exist ?



EE Community Support Team

Re: 50MB data safety - student offer

Hi @Jessica97,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Are you using an EE, Orange or T-Mobile plan?


Is it a pay as you go or pay monthly account?


What response do you get when you text STUDENT to 150?





by Jessica97

Re: 50MB data safety - student offer

Hi James,

It's an EE plan. I'm unsure about the account; might be SIM only or pay as you go.

I received a message stating what codes 150 recognises and STUDENT is not on the list. 



EE Community Support Team

Re: 50MB data safety - student offer

Thanks for getting back to us, @Jessica97.


I've done some digging around the terms of the data safety net offer and found the information below in relation to student offers:-




Offers only available to customers signing up to a consumer phone or SIM Only voice, text and data plan (excluding plans compatible with our Annual Upgrade offer, non-lead Sharers or promotional SIM Only price plans).


Offers not compatible with mobile broadband, 4GEE WiFi, EE broadband or tablet plans of any kind.




New and existing customers, eligible for student offers, get up to 500MB of free data to use each month (the “Data Safety Net”).


If you log into your MY EE account, it should let you know if you're on a SIM only or a pay as you go plan.


Hope this clarifies this a bit for you.


Chris 🙂

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