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4g not working

4g not working or 3G - any help 

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Re: 4g not working

Hello @SarahM0312 sorry to hear you are having service problems. Have you restarted the phone? What phone do you have? Can you test it in another phone?


Here is a link containing the Network Status Checker where you can check your area for any faults or upgrades going on. :):

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Re: 4g not working

Hello there @SarahM0312.


Thanks for coming to the community.


What device are you using?


How long has this been going on for?


Thanks, Leanne 🙂

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Re: 4g not working

@SarahM0312 wrote:

4g not working or 3G - any help 

Just to add on to the good advice @Profile closed has given.


But have you checked in your phone's settings, to see if "mobile data" has been switched off. Sometimes a software update can do weird things like this.


Also. I can remember in the past losing 4G (I know you can't get 3 or 4G) when there was carrier update.


Not sure what phone you have, but on an iPhone, if you go into Settings/General/About, if there is a carrier update available, going into here will trigger the prompt to update.


Also to check on an iPhone if mobile data is off. Go into Settings, you will then see Mobile Data on the next screen. Go into this and on the very next screen, right at the very top, you will see the switch to turn mobile data on or off.

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