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4g 800mhz ee effect me

Would I get a better 4g signal in Yo258st on the 800mhz band, than just the 4g 1800mhz band, need some help please 

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Re: 4g 800mhz ee effect me

I would imagine that depends where you are (even within YO258ST) and where you intend to use your device. 800MHz carries over longer distances which is why it's used extensively to cover rural areas. That said, if you're indoors, even 800MHz might not help, but it depends very much on local factors. Wall thickness, any shadow effect due to local topology, weather, trees, ...

 In other words. I've no idea. It might... 😊

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: 4g 800mhz ee effect me

Hello @John00 search your postcode in the coverage checker not entering any device details then search again entering a compatible devices details and it will include EE 800mhz 4G coverage if it is available. You can then compare the two results:



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Re: 4g 800mhz ee effect me

LTE800 should generally be better for indoor coverage where it's in use (which as we all know, EE are not very good at).


The problem is though because EE don't have a huge amount of it and because EE have spread it very thinly across their network, data speeds on LTE800 won't be very fast, probably around ~3G speeds, probably slower when under load.


IN most areas though I believe EE are aggregating LTE800 with LTE1800 which balances out speed and indoor coverage somewhat.

by Scholarly Contributor
Scholarly Contributor

Re: 4g 800mhz ee effect me

There isn't any 800mhz 4G coverage there so no.

by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: 4g 800mhz ee effect me

There's a signal strength of "1" on the text-based checker at YO25 8ST for L800 & zero for L1800, but I grant that's unlikely to make a world of difference for indoor coverage. Outdoor maybe.

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