by AidanMSmith
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4G not connecting

I have just got a brand new Pixel 3 from EE with the same sim I had before in my old phone (which was EE).


It seems everytime I connect to a Wifi signal, after I disconnect from it my 4G does not connect to the internet correctly. I get full signal and 4g status on my bar but when trying to load "internet intensive" apps like youtube or twitch it will not load. Sometimes I can use WhatsApp and FB Messenger but others not.


The APN i am connected to is EE Internet (everywhere), I never had this problem with my last phone which was not locked to a network.

EE Community Support Team

Re: 4G not connecting

Morning @AidanMSmith


Thanks for coming to the community.


Do the apps work when you haven't been connected to WiFi?


Also, do you get an error message?


Leanne 🙂

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