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4G Speeds in Belfast?

Anyone here from Belfast or Northern Ireland in general? What are your speeds like?


I've been with EE for a couple of years and on my first year I used to get around 90-100Mbps speeds but then they changed their plans I went down to the 60Mbps speeds. I believe I used to get close to that, maybe 35-40Mbps but over the past 6 months to a year i've consistently been getting 15-20Mbps, which is a bit slow. There are no issues in my area and i've been told by support that its likely just a case of more people connecting to the network that has reduced my speeds.


I'm just curious as to what others are getting if they are around this location.

EE Community Support Team

Re: 4G Speeds in Belfast?

Hi @kiliimanjaro,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing slower download speeds than usual.


You can report problems in your area using the network status checker.


Hope this helps.



by kiliimanjaro

Re: 4G Speeds in Belfast?

Thanks, i've just reported the issue. This happens to me not only in Belfast but all over. 


I'm just curious as to what other people in the same area as me are getting. 

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Re: 4G Speeds in Belfast?

Hi @kiliimanjaro


This is very unusual to see a large speed drop.


Have you tried to back up and reset your device to see if this helps?


Many thanks,



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