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4G Mast Location


Does anyone know a web site where you can enter the Tracking Area Code (tac), Cell Identifer (CI) and Physical Cell ID of a 4G mast and it returns the masts location.

I am after something like but for 4G. only does GSM.



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Re: 4G Mast Location

Ask @XRaySpeX they might know

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Re: 4G Mast Location

Hi and welcome to the Community @JoeHarrison


This goes way over my head 🙂


Maybe @Jmitchell, @Chris_B or @Northerner can assist,


Hope you get sorted.


Many thanks,



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Re: 4G Mast Location



I don't think there is any comprehensive location map as I have asked EE about this before. It's all top secret.


I have searched my local council local planning which can give you info on applications. 



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: 4G Mast Location

@Lee_H   Perhaps @Profile closed might know as I've never tried looking.  


I do know that there is no point in asking EE tech as I've been told by them they thay do not disclose this information.   

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Re: 4G Mast Location

@JoeHarrison @Lee_H


Ive just found THIS site but it's not mobile phone friendly. 

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Re: 4G Mast Location

I've no idea sorry.


Many of those cell mapping tools are often not very accurate anyway as I believe they only map cells using measured signal values from handsets.  Also I remember looking at one that said there was an EE mast near me which I know doesn't exist.


That mastdata website is very out of date as it still shows an Orange 2G mast near me which was actually decommissioned over 2 years ago now.

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Re: 4G Mast Location

Also remember that TAC & LAC codes can easily change over time with sites being rehosted into different "control areas" (trying to keep this simple) heck even the broadcasted CID could - although admittedly far less likely to.


The various third party websites you've quoted are useful in (accuracy issues all dependent) confirming which operators particular sites are owned by, and their site references. Not a great deal else to be honest. And in fairness, anything else is of no use to the general public and only of use to network-engineering-teams.

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Re: 4G Mast Location

The only website that gives you some mast location information is mastdata.comBut it is isn't always up to date, but what is there is accurate.

However you can only find mast locations via post code.





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