by ClockwiseAbyss
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30 day Blackberry bosster not working!!

As the title says, my 30 day blackberry booster has completely stopped working. I get this every month, and have done for about 2 years or so now. It's the plan that works best for me, and easily allows me to do what I need every month. The problems have only arisen in the last week or so. 


Usually when I have gone over the fair use policy, I have still been able to browse the internet and stuff. Last week however, it just completely stopped working. Won't let me even browse the internet.


I then proceeded to top up my phone the needed amount to activate the 30 day blackberry booster 4 days ago (4th July). Everything was then fine, or so I thought. 


Last night the same thing happened. The internet just completely stopped working. This is rather annoying, as I can't do anything I need to now.

EE Community Support Team

Re: 30 day Blackberry bosster not working!!

Hello there @ClockwiseAbyss


Welcome to the community.


What device are you using?


Are you with us on EE/T-Mobile or Orange?


Thanks 🙂

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