by AJE2018
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10 GB data not able to be activated

Bought a £15, 3 Gb pack at Heathrow Airport. Was told will get a SMS for 10 GB additional free data. Got charged £25 for this deal. Still not received SMS - how do I activate this? 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: 10 GB data not able to be activated

@AJE2018  I’m sorry, you purchased a £15 data card and you say you’ve been told you’ll get free 10GB data and you need a text message about this.   But you’ve paid £25.    If it’s £15 you’ll pay £15 anything that’s free you don’t pay anything extra for it.  It sounds like you’ve been connned and just to check on the packaging of the SIM card is there a expiration date to make the claim for the free data.  

EE Community Support Team

Re: 10 GB data not able to be activated

Hello there @AJE2018


Thanks for posting on the community.


If you give our pay as you go team a call they can check your account for you and see what pack you have and also why you have been charged extra.


Thanks, Leanne.

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