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T-Mobile Smart Pack

I bought a £10 T-Mobile smart pack yesterday and I received a text message that my data, texts and calls have been activated on my phone. I woke up this morning and I tried to text by friend and it said that that I have not enough credit to text. My Internet doesn't work or my calls. I need HELP! Please reply ASAP!
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Re: T-Mobile Smart Pack

I have the same problem as I topped up £10 on 25/06 to get the' Smart Pack' but the following day I got a msg saying I had no credit left.  I called from my landline on their premium no. and eventually got put through to an advisor who told me there had been a problem with the 'Smart Pack' deal but that they would sort it out and promised to call me back in 2 hrs - needless to say 24 hrs has passed and i've heard nothing.  I have been a customer for many years but if this isn't dealt with ASAP I will be changing to another provider and making a formal complaint as they have effectively taken money from my account and not provided me with any service.

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Re: T-Mobile Smart Pack

Same here. Charges for using data and texts, then after a call on premium number smart pack removed. Another call and promise that it will be sorted out this morning. Seems pointless to call again and here the same.
Some sort of annoucement would be appreciated.
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Re: T-Mobile Smart Pack

This is a user forum so no announcement from T-Mobile will be made on here at all.

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