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EE signal booster

Do EE have a signal booster for the home (supporting 4g?) - ie an equivalent of vodafone's  sure signal?


The signal in my house is non-existent.



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Re: EE signal booster

No not currently.

As they run of your home broadband, If they ever do its more likely that it will support 3G rather than LTE.

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Re: EE signal booster

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I don't think we will ever see a 4G signal booster as extra licenses are needed to sell these (even for the 3G ones as well)


I believe T-Mobile where testing 3G signal boosters some time ago but it looks like nothing came of that trial but having used a Vodafone one, THB, signal boosters are far more hassle than they are worth as the one I had went down quite often.  In the end it was just far easier to switch to a network that offered far better 3G  coverage (T-Mobile, who I'm still with :smileyhappy:)


I'd also much rather the mobile networks invest their efforts, time and money on their network rather than these things.

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Re: EE signal booster

On launch day, the website had details of a 'Signalbooster', which was described as a box you plug into your home broadband router and would be a 3G signal point. this was quickly taken offline and EE told me it wasn't available at the moment. I suspect something maybe in the offing.



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Re: EE signal booster

I think there are 2 services from ee; signal boost, but which is some kind of box to get a better 3g signal and Signal Boost which is UMA technology to use your home WiFi signal as a mini mobile mast.

Signal Boost (UMA) seems to be the old Orange service.

Does anyone know how to get it set up on phones for tmobile customers now that we are all on EE?

I have a GS2 and my signal is desperate in my house.

Here's the link about UMA on EE's site.
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Re: EE signal booster

If you have a Galaxy S2, this isn't a 4G device so isn't anything that these forums are discussing.

You need to speak to your network provider (T-Mobile) to see if this feature is available to you, or ask on their forums
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Re: EE signal booster

They have, or will have 3 types of booster.

1. UMA (GSM over WiFi). You need a specific phone for it to work and it can be clunky.

2. Signal Booster. This is a Cel-Fi device . Very expensive but works well. You DO need at least a weak 3G signal in a window though so won't work where there is no 3G at all.

3. Signal Box (Femto). Same as Vods Suresignal. Plugs into your router via Ethernet and broadcasts an EE 3G signal.


IMPORTANT. There is no point in having an LTE femto. Femtos are for boosting voice and text coverage only. Using a femto for data would be really silly. Since you already have WiFi (normally) from your router you would use that. Using 3G data would use up all your mobile data allowance which would be daft.

Most people have data in their homes but a lot don't have voice. Peole get confused because these boxes are 3G. 3G (UMTS) does voice and text too. 3G is probably used because it's signal is more controllable theyby not causing so much interference to the Macro network.

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Re: EE signal booster

EE have announced a number of different devices to boost signals within the home/workplace. Currently these are shown on their business website but I see no reason why you couldn't purchase one for home use once they become available.  There are several different options depending on if you just want calls and texts to work or full 3G access (I personally don't get why anyone would want to boost the 3G part of the signal, when using WiFi would provide a much faster connection with for free). 





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Re: EE signal booster

So does anyone know when this will become available ?


We've lost our mobile mast in the Millomo area and now Orange/EE/T-mobile signals have gone in this area.  This would be an ideal solution for Orange/EE/T-mobile to retain their customer base.


There is much confusion from the folks at Orange wrt availability.  EE shop in Barrow in furness said 'we've heard some people have been offered them but we cant offer them from the store'.  The Orange advisor on 150 said they are available and he'd pass through to the 'diagnostic team' to sort it.  The kind lady in India said 'you need a signal booster box' - I'll get the Technical team to call you back in 20 minutes to resolve it. . . . .I'm still waiting for them to call back.


The advisor I spoke to this morning said she knew nothing of them - she said she'd spoken to a Level 2 advisor and they said they are not available.


This is rubbish.  They are obviously being manufactured for EE.  They are on the website with set up instructions and price etc.  I'd happily pay for one.  There are three users in our home on EE/Orange.  Vodafone suresignal seems very tempting.


I hope Orange/EE can resolve this quickly and make these units widely available to the general public.  Should we have to pay for unit ? Probably not but I'd happily pay for one at the moment.

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Re: EE signal booster

They are available for EE customers as a priority and T-Mobile customers on a lesser scale. However even though orange customers use the same network and their phones work off the femtocell Orange customers seem to have a hard time getting hold of a signal box
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Re: EE signal booster

so whats the process to get one through ee ?

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Re: EE signal booster

It's a case of who you know at least in my case it was :smileyhappy:
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Re: EE signal booster

Call them up, complain about your signal and they will eventually ask for 5 examples of bad signal with addresses of where and when over a 24h period. Call back with this information and they will arrange for a unit to be sent to you. I'm told it covers network coverage only i.e phone & SMS not 4G as yet.