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iPhone - no service

My iPhone 5 has had no service for over 2 weeks in my home area. EE have admitted the problem is their fault as they have changed the masts by my home and now I can not get signal.
They promised me a signal box, which since then I have been told I was never going to get as they are not willing to provide them for EE customers.
I have been passed from team to team with no solution. All staff are reluctant to pass me to a manager or anyone with any power to help me! Has anyone got any contact details for a manager or any advice in general ?
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Re: iPhone - no service

Im having the same problem! Im a new customer with them yet i have telephoned on numerous occasions and still no satisfacion! im beginning to get annoyed now.

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Re: iPhone - no service

Insist on speaking to Device Escalations they're the right team.