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Non-existent signal and customer services total failure

I begin by saying I have never ever experienced such poor customer service from a supplier.:smileymad:


  1. During w/c 23 September I visited the Stafford (Staffordshire) Orance shop to report a continuous problem with the lack of signal. I was greeted in the time honoured fashion "'ello mate, what can I do for you ?" Issue 1. I did not know the assistant therefore how can I be his mate. I overheard the same guy and some of his colleagues address both male and female customers in the same way. 'ello mate..........
  2. The fellow I spoke with was totally disinterested in my problem citing that he was not technically trained and was only interested in selling me a new phone or a new set of services. I was however invited to remain in the Stafford store si I could call 150 and ask for technical support.
  3. When I eventually got through to technical support I again in full detail explained the fact that unless I stand on a chair in an upstairs room I cannot use the phone. I also explained that I am not interested in 4G services and all I want is to commence and receive phone calls in a reliable manner. I explained that being able to make and receive calls is particularly important as I am recovering from a recent heart attack.
  4. After approx. 45 minutes of discussion and being left on hold four times it was agreed that "somebody" in the Orange organisation would organise for a Signal Box to be sent to me.
  5. THe guy I spoke with told me  that he was now personally responsible for this service requesty ticket and that he would be calling me personally on a daily basis with updates as to when I could expect delivery of the Signal Box.
  6. :smileymad: I HAVE HEARD NOTHING SINCE Friday 27 September :smileymad:
  7. I am of the view  that Orange/EE do not give a damn !


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Re: Non-existent signal and customer services total failure

You are not the only one suffering from poor signal, its been over a month now I have no internet reception but EE claim everything is working well. I'm not an expert but introducing 4G has badly crippled T-Mobile's 3G internet which I have been using for years now without a problem.