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No 3G connection / 'No Service' Issues

I'm having a problem whioch alot of people seem to have aswell..


I bought a 24 month contract at Phones 4 U on the 21st April, £41 a month on the iPhone 5, with EE (Orange).


I live in the G81 area of Glasgow


I just keep on getting this little circle where the '3G' icon should be, I get horrible recpeption when making calls, texts come in late etc !


I also have 'No Service' where the bars of signal should be, this happens quite alot and is extreamly fustrating!


This is extreamely poor service as I'm paying £41 a month for a supposedly 'great signal', but getting nothing like it !


This surely must be a breach of contract from EE !! They calim to have the best 3G service in the UK, well if I cant get a decent signal on the outskirts of the centre of Glasgow, there is an issue. 


I have already had a replacement phone from Apple, still the same problem.


If they can not hold up their end of the contract then I surely must be able to cancel it without any problems, ort having to pay a ETF (early termination fee).


There must be something they can do as I'm only a month into my contract !!


Anyone else had these issues, or is there anyone that could shine any lighton this ?



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Re: No 3G connection / 'No Service' Issues

You have 7 - 14 days to terminate a contract due to lack of signal/coverage depending on where and how you bought it.


Unless the contract specifically states you will have amazing coverage every where you go (it doesn't) then they are not in breach. Do Orange really say they have the best 3G network ? I thought that was Three that say that.


Just looked at the G81 area on Google maps, the top half of that postcode appears to have about two houses and a heck of a lot of hills. It appears to be pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Network coverage is prioritised based on population, it is easy to see why the coverage would be poor in that area.



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Re: No 3G connection / 'No Service' Issues

Three say they have the best.

EE/Orange say they have thw biggest (Does not mean everywhere though)

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Re: No 3G connection / 'No Service' Issues

I am also having serious network coverage problems with EE. I have been with Orange from the start with no real problems. Since I have upgraded to a 4G contract I find myself struggling to get a signal almost everywhere I go. For example In London with friends at London Bridge I had no signal at all but both my friends (O2 & Vodafone) had a full signal. Thats London god help the rest of the country. Also it seems impossible to get a 4G connection so thats a waste of time as well. I will definitely not be renewing my contract with EE if this is not fixed.

A quick search of this problem also reveals that a large number of people are having the same problem. It was even covered on the BBC Watchdog program.