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EE complaint

I want to complain (again) about my EE 4G plan which isn't working (again). I have perfect reception and supposedly free minutes and texts. My data has run out. Yet, I can't make any call (says call failed). I can't receive calls (goes straight to voicemail). I can't buy more data (safari doesn't load anything and the EE app says it can't connect). I can't use my phone for anything, and that's with an EE plan for which I pay north of £40 a month.


Since my EE phone is not working I can't call you to complain. Last time I went to an EE shop I had to wait for 45 minutes to get any help. I thought I could send an e-mail, but the website suggest that the next best option to calling or walking into a store is writing a letter and put it in the mail.


Surely, it isn't right that Britain's first and supposedly leading provider of 4G does not communicate electronically, but only by phone, in person or by letter?


I'm fed up with EE to the stage that I'm about to forget about the 18 torturous month left on my contract, keep paying for it, throw away the sim and get a plan with any other provider. I've used the services of countless providers in Europe, in North America and in Asia. Never ever have I come across anything as appalling in terms service and functionality as EE.


I suppose no one from EE will actually read this or come back to me, but it would be highly appreciated if they could. For anyone else reading this trying to make up their mind about joining EE - Don't do it. Just don't do it.



I just ran a spell checker before posting this. EE's own spell check doesn't recognise the word "EE". What a freaking joke.

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Re: EE complaint

Actually this is not a EE hosted forum. It is hosted by lithium so it's Lithium's spell check that can't spell EE and that's because EE is not in the oxford dictionary

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Re: EE complaint

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I work for EE, and I am reading your post. The way you have described your issue it seems as though the Sim Card is not actually registered to your number. If you ever remember having a Blackberry and it saying Sim not Provisioned, that is basically the same thing. Your Sim Card has a serial number on it, and thats how the network distinguishes between people, not mobile numbers... so in the event your sim card develops an error, or an error occurs on our side, this can lead to call problems.


The main settings you need from your Sim is Call Outgoing, Call Incoming, and Data... your texts and picture messaging are sent over this data as well, you just have a different setting for it in your phone that only applies when sending a MMS.


It sounds to me like you need a new Sim Card, have you got any further with your enquiry?

I work for EE... but all opinions and advice posted here is from my own personal experience. If you find this post useful then say thank you by saying Kudos :smileyhappy:
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Re: EE complaint

That is saying something about the EE service then. Why are not making these suggestions when you call them ?

I am having also very similar frustrating calls. No one will own my problem and cAll me back with updates or I do...
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Re: EE complaint

i've been waiting 15 days for service. i ported from O2 to T-mobile (existing contract), then transferred that to EE but nothing has happened at all. no network service at all but a bill for £56 lol. made several calls etc but mothing has happened from that, been to the local store as well, the manager there has been a great help. i emailed the executive office and Olaf Swantee and Stuart Jackson but no reply from anyone.


i am now migrating backwards to T-mobile, hope that works lol

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Re: EE complaint

Hi plupp4ever,


We'd like to help. Could you send us the contents of your post in a private message, including your mobile numebr and full name and we can take it from there. If you could send your message using the link   HERE 




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