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Phone Barred - Huge Bill

I am a British Soldier who is based in Germany and i have recently taken out a new contract with EE because of the good roaming plan they appear to have. I recieved my phone yesterday and could not make any calls from it, i signed into My EE to discover i have a bill of £245 even though i haven't used the phone and no explanation as to why. I rang the customer service and after an hour or so of conversation i managed to get the bill lowered as there was a mistake on EE's side, however i have no proof of this and My EE account still shows the same bill as before. I was told my phone is barred and i would have to pay £150 to remove the barr, which i don't have. The only other option was to remove the 'roaming' part of the plan which means i would have a phone which is useless to me and would defeat the whole point of me taking out the contract. NOWHERE in the terms and conditions or on the taking out of the contract does it mention about a deposit which meens i was missold the contract and the phone. I have been told the barr is lifted temporarlily, but still after 20+ hours i cannot make calls from the phone, making it worthless. The customer service was good however i have no proof that they have actually lowered the bill, or even tried to unbarr my phone. EE need to atleast mention somwhere about this charge as i would have never have taken out the contract if they did!

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Re: Phone Barred - Huge Bill

They are experts at misleading and mis selling