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Swap Samsung Galaxy S3 3G (< 6months into contract) for S3 LTE 4G - cost to switch???

After endless calls to and from EE I have been informed by their Customer Services that you can pay a 1-off £99 to swap my "old" 3G S3 (less than 6 months into Orange contract) and get in return a new 4G LTE S3.

Today I tried 3 separate "EE" stores in Oxford Street, London to do this and to migrate to a new 4G EE contract.

None of the three stores was able to do this - after speaking to EE's Customer Services again this evening they apologised for a system problem which prevented the process today.

Even more importantly, the EE website clearly states that the £99 fee gets you the swap-out 4G handset and then enables you to sign up for a new 2-year 4G EE contract, with a monthly tarriff at least the same cost as your old 3G contract. BUT two stores have stated that, in addition to the £99, you have to pay for the new phone itself, at the same rate as a new customer - i.e. for a 500MB contract you have to pay an additional £149.99, for a 1GB contract an additional £49.99 etc - as well as the new 4G monthly tarriff for the level of service. Customer Service deny that this additional payment for the 4G handset is required, but at the two stores I tried - the switch can only be done in-store - both claim this additional payment is required.

Can anybody else comment on this please?

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Re: Swap Samsung Galaxy S3 3G (< 6months into contract) for S3 LTE 4G - cost to switch???

I had to pay the £99 upgrade then £49 for the handset on a 1GB tariff.


I will not be happy if they shouldnt have charged me?