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Samsung Galaxy S4 turned off and won't turn back on



I've had my S4 for around 2 months now, and today it got very hot and powered off. It will not power back on. I've removed the battery and replaced, tried a few different Samsung chargers.


My main question was, as I got this Oraange contract from Dial-A-Phone, who would be responsible for the repair on the phone? Now my money goes to Orange each month, and as the phone is clearly still in warranty, I want to know the quickest way of getting this reparied.


If I walk into an Orange/EE shop tomorrow , should they replace the phone for me?





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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 turned off and won't turn back on

Initially your first point of call is Dial-A-Phone, as the retailer they are responsible for repairs/replacement. After that it's Samsung you need to deal with, in this case Orange would not be involved at all.

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