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EE Customer Services Email contact.

Does anyone know an EE Email contact for customer services, im working abroad and have been barred for 6 weeks now, ive called 6 times costing me over £100 in call charges and although each time they promised it will be reconnected nothing changes. Its so irritating, I cant speak to my kids, i can only email them.


All this started because my bill went over £300 before christmas, I ws aware it would be high and had no problem paying it via direct debit.


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Re: EE Customer Services Email contact.

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You can reach them via Live Chat.

You can also reach them on twitter or Facebook .

Hope this helps.

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Re: EE Customer Services Email contact.

Just to confirm, you can contact EE via Facebook at, and via Twitter at

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Re: EE Customer Services Email contact.



I am a T-Mobile customer and increasingly frustrated with EE Customer Services.


I rang them this afternoon as my internet connection hasn't been working for 2 months. I have called dozens of times and no one seems to want to help get connection on my Samsung Mobile.


I called adviser called Ben and his manager Joy (731) from the Phillipines Call Centre on and spoke to him for 34 minutes. This must be the third time I have called and this time I was very determined to get my connection installed as I am paying for a service I am not getting. It was a nightmare. We went around in circles as Ben attempted to suggest different settings. After no joy his manager Joy attempted to have a go. He wasn't able to pin point the problem and transferred me to "The Technical Department Escalation team". A pleasant fella called Lee from the Scotland Call Centre answered and was thankfully very helpful and knowledgeablet. He talked me through the correct settings the mobile should be on. The internet connection settings were actually Virgin Mobile and not T Mobile for some strange reason. He did a few things his end and I now have internet and email after TWO months paying for something I do not have. The call to Lee only lasting 38 minutes. Thank goodness for the Scots!


Although I did want to tell EE Customer Services about my experience this afternoon but they have not published a email address or web site form. I wonder Why? I thought instead I would post this on here for everyone to see.


Joy (731) from the Phillipines Call Centre said he was going to register my concerns/frustrations about the service I experienced as he said he would be giving me a refund for the loss of my internet for the past two months. I will believe it when I see it as quite frankly I am tired of the excuses. 


Has anyone else had issues with the department?


Kind regards,


Daniel De Conceicao Silva

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Re: EE Customer Services Email contact.

Dear EE,

                        I am absolutely appauled and extremely fustrated, Orange was fine  and suited me well, then it became EE, it was good but then it became a scam! I am only 12 and I am wanting to move from EE to vodafone as the have excellent deal for me, EE pay as you go is absolutly discusting I have spent hundreds toping my phone up as credit doesnt last two seconds becasue of the HIGH prices, any way back to my point I am emailing you as I am very upset and angry at your whole company, all I want to do is move from EE  as your pay as you go I feel really doesnt suit me and I found out that almost the entire world seems to be wanting to move from EE and no one can! I have been told that I have to top up my phone £20.45 and keep that all on my phone for 3 weeks, which is like totally impossible!! I am so upset all I want to do is move and EE is stopping me, which peronally I think is just so wrong!! And I am writting to ask you to confirm the processas I was told I'd have to wait 6 months and then come off EE for free, however everytime I ring I get diffent answers! I have waited my 6 months and now the goal post has been moved even futher! 

I await your responce



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Re: EE Customer Services Email contact.

Hi all,


I posted an article clarifying this issue here.