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SIM network unlock PIN

Hi, I currently have a Nokia phone with T-Mobile. A friend recently gave me his Sony Experia phone, which was on the Orange network. When I insert my SIM into the Experia, I get a request for a "SIM network unlock PIN". How do I find out what this PIN is? Thanks!
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Re: SIM network unlock PIN

Your friend will need to get their Sony handset unlocked from Orange to be able to work with your T-Mobile SIM card.

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Re: SIM network unlock PIN

Your friends Sony is locked to the Orange network, even though T-Mob and Orange are under the same name now as EE the network locks remain in place (for the time being anyway) T-Mob and EE4G use same sims but Orange is different.


Your going to have to get your friend to unlock this for you, you will not be able to. Just get your friend to ring up and request this or got to


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Re: SIM network unlock PIN

What model of Xperia is it, there may be cheaper options.