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Re: Femtocell Signal Box Availability?

From the images on the website it looks like the EE femtocell will be the same model that 3 offer. Femtocell's are great in that they give a 3G signal in areas where there is lack of coverage. However they are tied to your home or office router. Where as UMA and the O2 connect app (O2 offered an app that let customers with IOS and Android handset connect to the O2 network via wifi. Sadly this trial has now ended) are not tied down to one location. All you need is a wifi signal to use them anywhere.


Orange have offered UMA in the UK for a number of years, but they don't seam to market it very much. I wonder if in time will this service just quietly be retired?





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Re: Femtocell Signal Box Availability?

You can buy a moblie repeater now and they work but legally you have to get permission from your provider (EE, orange or t-moblie etc).

I've tried one and basically you get the signal you would get outside inside. But the unsightly ariel and the legal issues put me off in the end. And why should I go to this length why can't EE sort their signal out. My signal at home went from 3 bars to no service in a month but EE wouldn't accept it might be a faulty cell tower.

Anyone know what EE plans are for improving its poor coverage? I got a new O2 contract and O2's signal was better everywhere I've been in the south east and central London. However EE did have a better signal than O2 when I took a trip to Gloucester recently.
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Re: Femtocell Signal Box Availability?

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I have a 3G Femto in my apartment and what an absolute gem it is. It basically plugs into your home broadband router. My FEMTO has been set up to use only in postcode area so buying one off the shelf will still require setting up by the network. I have recently upgraded to to a 4G contract but as of yet is not available in my area. I've checked OFCOM to find my nearest macro cell site which is only 1.5 miles away yet it still cannot get signal into my apartment nor anywhere in the vicinity. EE say I should have perfect 3G signal in my area but trust me its a complete lie. I have signal generator readings to prove it. With all iPhones you can put it into test mode to see exactly what signal strength you are receiving. I would be stuck without my FEMTO especially now I've been roped into another 18 month contract. As a contracted designer for EE I sourced my FEMTO from an internal source but I tried many times with CS and to be honest they are thick UMA works well but most handsets don't have this. Only about 10 on the market and most of them are rubbish. Roll on the 4G in my area I've already experienced 40meg download and 27 upload speeds inside the M25.

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Re: Femtocell Signal Box Availability?

The Orange Femto Cell or Signal Box is now available but only to the select few. If your signal has deteriorated due to changes to masts, you can have one. If your signal has always been rubbish, you can't.


Orange are so helpful when they are selling you something and promising solutions, but when it comes to delivering what they say...

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Re: Femtocell Signal Box Availability?

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I startd a fresh SIM Only contract at end of January on T-Mobile.  Have had rotten signal for 2 months (and bought another phone in an EE store 'just in case' but that's no better).  Spoke to support on Saturday and was told I'd get a 'signal booster' box Tuesday (yesterday) but took day off work and waited in (well, in the garden as it was nice and sunny) but no box.  Rang in the evening (0800-1800 really is a 'flexible' window for a delivery, isn't it!!) and was told demand outstripping supply - their systems allowed a tech support member to place order but they're out of boxes, more due by end of this week...  


So there must be a lot of demand as a result of this 'removing duplication of coverage'.  To my mind there's LESS duplication than they think if they are shifting these boxes so fast they cannot keep up with complaints about poor / no signal coverage.  Have to feel sorry for someone (eg Missing_Lincs) who has been having problems long term and not getting any solution via a box...


Apparently they will give me the option to leave the service if I want.  I've already started a 24 month contract with Three (as I had been using them for data for 4 years and then had a SIM Only contract with them during 2012, and know they are rock solid here in Bootle).