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Content lock

Ok so started having trouble with content lock doing whatever it pleases a couple of days after changing over ... Bearing in mind you get a 2 week cooling of period I called numerous times to get this sorted which they said its a technical issue it will be sorted in a couple of weeks is now worse than ever and when I called earlier I received possibly the worst customer service I've ever had and I can't cancel apparently .. I've called the citizens advise to which they've said basically your paying for a service that's not being provided there for a cancellation is within your rights, so I call back to disgusts this to which I was told the best I can offer is an apology and you can't cancel.. To which I stated this has been on going since I took the contract on and is still unresolved to which I get a reply saying I can't help you now so I'm going bye!??? Absolutely discussing I'd advise if anybody is thinking of joining EE don't!! It's the most useless network and contract I've ever had with technical support that have no clue and customer service staff that couldn't give a Monkeys either, and I WILL be cancelling my contract as the issue was highlighted several times to EE within the first 4 days of the contract and gues what yes they did nothing on all four calls then aswell I got told oh this happens... Now I'm afraid to say .. That's not good enough I didn't take a contract out that's says "join EE the uks best biggest fastest 4G network that doesn't work most if the time" rant not over I'm sick to death of this network already!